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07. 05. 20

Today’s extra challenge is to make a . . .

🐛 ‘Tin Can Bug Hotel’ 🐛


Step 1 - Take an empty can and put thick tape around the top to stop it being sharp. Wrap the can with wool. If you want to change the colour, cut the thread and knot another one at the loose end. Finally you knot the end of the last thread.

Step 2 - Knot six threads of the same length or string or wool on the underside of your can - these will become the insect legs.

Step 3 - Thread a wooden bead onto the ends of the threads. With a thick knot you ensure that the beads stay there.

Step 4 - Cut out two large white and two smaller black circles from the felt or material. Glue the black circles on the white circles. You glue the finished eyes on the left and right side of the can.

Step 5 - Carefully punch the a hole in the bottom of the can with a hammer and nail as shown in the picture.

Step 6 - Pull a piece of wire or thick string through the hole and can. Twist the wire ends together.

Step 7 - explore your garden looking for sticks, twigs, moss, dry grass etc to put in the can.

Step 8 - Fill the can with what you’ve found make sure it’s as compact as possible.

Step 9 - Find a sheltered spot in the garden. Now the first small residents can move into their new home.