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Week beginning 08/06/20

Looking at the writing that you keep showing us in your Home Learning Tasks so far, you really are trying your very best and we are very proud of you.  Practice really does make progress with handwriting, just as it does with Reading, so there are practice sheets for you in last week's Literacy folder.


This week, there are 2 tasks to choose from, or indeed you can do both.  


Task 1  Think about your summer clothes.  The colours, the material that they are made from; more often than not they are bright and light.  Why do you think that is?  Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? Why do you like it so much? 

Now that you have thought carefully, can you list as many of your summer clothes as you can.  Think it. say it, write it, check it,

Remember finger spaces go in between every  whole word, not each sound.  Also remember that in a list, things go underneath each other.  

When you have checked your list, draw yourself in your favourite

summer clothes, please post it for us to see on the Face Book page.  All of your friends would love to see it and so do the Teachers.


 Please can you and your family, discuss Summer and then write a poem about it.

Talk about what Summer looks like, what it feels like, what it sounds, smells and tastes like.  You can post it on the Face Book page for everyone to enjoy, or if you're feeling especially confident, perform it and record it before posting.  We know that we have lots of talented families, so please don't be shy.