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There are lots of numbers to explore in our living rooms!





  • You may have practised telling the time on an analogue clock, lots of the technology in your living room will tell the time a different way. Can you still spot "o'clock" on a digital clock?
  • Can you go on a number hunt in your living room, don't forget to check all of the remotes and the telephone!
  • Think of 3 TV shows and ask everyone in your house to choose which one is their favourite. How could you record this? How would you know which one was the favourite? Can you count and check that everyone voted only once?
  • Dig out some of your favourite family board games, try and use two dice so that you have to add the numbers together!
  • Explore a pack of playing cards, what do you notice about the numbers and the pictures? Can you put them in order or make patterns with the cards? Have a go at playing snap, when both people put down the same number card... SNAP!