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Week beginning 06/07/20

Happy Fun Friday to the fantastic Year 5!

I hope that you have been enjoying this weeks challenges so important to think about our environment.

Here are todays challenges for the next few days I hope that you have an awesome weekend!

Friday riddle time

What has to be broken before you can use it?

What has hands but doesn’t clap?

What is full of holes but still holds water?


1.Complete your spelling test on Kahoot Game PIN: 01284008


2.As it is National kitten day today I thought that you may want to check out the RSPCA fun activities page you can build a hedgehog shack , make an egg carton animal or check out one of the word searchers.


3. Learn how to analyse Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Activity 1

Can you decide which of these statements about William Shakespeare are true or false? One has been done for you.

Activity 2

Imagine you are Miranda or Ferdinand. You are shipwrecked on the island and feel lonely.

Write a message in a bottle to your friends back home


4.Mary Annings is one of my favourite scientists as I love fossil hunting. You can watch her life story and then research how a fossil is made and let me know if you have ever been lucky enough to find your own. Then you can pretend to make your own. Clay or salt dough leaf print

5.Choose your favourite word search I love the finding Nemo one then create your own for family of friends to complete  or check out a crossword  or Sudoku this will keep you busy for hours!


Happy Wednesday to the awesome year 5!

I would like us to concentrate on Plastic free July so please find enclosed some activities to make us think about our environment and planet

  1. Can you complete the information about plastic pollution you will find out lots of interesting and thought provoking information? file:///C:/Users/mlsim/Downloads/plastic%20pollution%20comprehension.pdf
  2. UNICEF have an activity that you may like to try you can build your own car so that you are recycling.
  3. Can you create a poster or information pack to remind yourself and your adults about what we can and how we can recycle, reduce and reuse?
  4. find out about global warming, plastic pollution and the effects of over fishing and then why don’t you watch the amazing David Attenborough talk about the blue planet? making waves

      5.Why don’t you make a special card, letter or even a short video clip to wish your teacher, teaching assistant and adult’s lovely Summer holiday and to let them know what you have enjoyed the most about being in year 5?  

Happy Monday to the awesome year 5!
What a busy week you have all had with our virtual sports day it was so lovely to see how hard you have all been working. The weather has not been great this weekend but I hope that you have managed to get out and about. we were walking our dogs on Friday night about 9 o'clock and we were all surprised to see a storm trooper walking in front of us. Lexi and Buddy were very surprised.
I hope you enjoy the first activities for this week with Hornsea Worsley Hornsea Patterson and Hornsea Joy
Friday riddle fun answers I hope you enjoyed creating your own
If you drop me I’m sure to crack, but smile at me and I’m bound to smile back. A mirror
Why did Peter Pan fly and never stop? He never never lands
What has a tongue but can’t speak? A shoe
This month is plastic free awareness as you know this is something that is very close to my heart you can research the amount of plastic that we use and the impact on our environment.
Check out Friends of the earth website!
1. This week: Get moving and create turntable inspired choreography with Sadler's Wells…
Using movements and gestures inspired by Gabriel Prokofiev's ‘Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra’; join dancer Jordan Douglas, in association with Sadler’s Wells, in creating your own table-top dance!
2. There is a new frozen film that is coming out Frozen 2 – arriving July 3. Frozen is back as Elsa, Anna and their crew take on new adventures, and are forced to save Arendelle once again You can become a Disney animator by following the link to draw Olaf
Remember adults you will need to skip the ads!
3. Today’s recipe is a delicious Flapjack remember to get an adult to help you with the oven
could add other ingredients like dried fruit or chocolate get creative!
4. Kahoot it quiz time don’t forget that you can also design and make your own! Can you name the movie by listening to the sound tracks? Game PIN: 07389611
5. Research the work of natural artists such as Andy Goldsworthy a suggestion of activities: you could go out with a camera to capture nature shots, Draw and paint natural objects in the garden Collect items and arrange them into a ‘still life’ for drawing and painting Create a flower press by placing flower petals between two pieces of kitchen roll and press them between the pages of heavy books