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Week Beginning 15/06/20


Year 6

Friday 19th June

Happy Friday to the splendid Year 6.Can you believe that it is Friday? I hope that you have an amazing weekend! Here are your last challenges for this week I hope that you enjoy these and please post your work so that I can see how you are getting Have fun!

1. Write a news report about something that you have enjoyed whilst home learning. A yummy cake you have made or where you have been on your daily exercise maybe? Make sure you add a title, images, and subheadings and then name your newspaper-mine would be Simmonite sensational star.

2. Design an imaginary creature. Where does it live? What does it eat? How is it adapted to living in its environment? Could you make a food chain that includes your creature? I’m sure that my creature would have to eat chocolate and lots of it!

3. Use folded paper or card to make a bridge that spans a gap. How much weight will it be able to hold? Let’s see who can make the longest bridge or the one that will hold the most weight??

4. Today is National wear blue day and also Garfield the cat day. So let’s see who can wear the most blue clothes today and let’s celebrate by following the tutorial on how to draw Garfield

If this is too tricky follow the tutorial to draw a cat and then add your own detail such as stripes!

Remember adults that you will need to skip the ads

Then why don’t you place the picture with a little thank you note or a special message for someone in your house to find?

You could also watch the movie!

5. Complete your spelling test on kahoot it follow the link or enter the game pin

Game PIN: 07971525



17th June 2020

Happy Wednesday to the amazing Year 6

Here are your challenges for the next few days please post your amazing work!

1.Let’s get creative and have some fun. All you need is a pencil and paper (crayons, felt tips or paint if you want to add colour it’s up to you!)I want to choose from one of the ideas below:

•             Draw your teacher on a desert Island.

•             Draw your teacher as a zoo animal

•             Draw your teacher eating pizza whilst dancing.

•             Draw your teacher with super powers.

Do remember that your teachers will be in touch soon so be very kind!

2. Power of a smile day. You need to put a big smile onto someone’s face today this could be by telling them a joke, carrying out  a job like making your bed, Write them a poem, draw them a picture or just pay them a compliment. Let me know how many people that you can make smile today

3. If veggies aren’t your favourite food already, National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17 is a great time to give them a try. After all, vegetables are very healthy. If you can manage a little experimentation in the kitchen, you can discover how many delicious recipes there are for them. So whether you’re digging into your favourite salad or trying kale for the first time, today is all about finishing the most colourful things on your plate. Can you design or make a meal that is just vegetables I’m going to make a yummy vegetable soup-Get creative!

4. Your topic focus this week is Animals and their habitats follow the link, then watch the clips around adaptation then finally choose one of the activity’s or complete all 3 - take the quiz, fill in the blanks then complete the worksheet Have fun!

5. I am seeing lots of bird sin my garden as I have been making my own bird feeders. Can you make your own birdfeeder or research the birds that you are seeing in your garden. Follow the link to the RSPB website to help and the birdfeeder ideas below:

RSPB website: There are also online games and activities to complete

Bird feeder idea:



Year 6
Monday 15th June 2020
So here are todays challenges get creative and let us know how you get on! with Hornsea Field Hornsea Parcell and Hornsea Reed
Don’t forget that I have also added new English, Maths, Topic, Outdoor activities as well as RE, Mindfulness, Home learning packs and you also have your MNP books so lots to keep you all busy Have fun!
1.As you have been researching our ocean and looking at how to protect our wildlife today I would like you to get creative and design a new animal by combining 2 others. I would like you to then write a description about why you have chosen these 2 and how it would adapt to its environment!
You then need to give this creature a new name.
2. Today’s recipe for you to enjoy and also add your own spectacular finishing touches. You can either make a tray bake see the link below or individual buns using the same recipe. I challenge you to see who can add the yummiest toppings!! I am going to use melted chocolate and blackberries. Please add your photographs to our face book page.
3. Miss Fields will be so proud of me I have found a new website that has fun games, activities and learning clips for you to check out. Have a play around and click on the topics that you want to learn more about, you could try converting numbers or decimals!
4. Today is National fly a kite day so your challenge is to make 2 kites using the links below made from paper made from a recycled plastic bag
Then carry out a scientific experiment to see which one will fly the best and tell me why?
Adults please remember that there will be adverts!
5. Complete the Kahootit quiz for fun on and then test one of your grown-ups!
By the way Question 7’s answer is my mum’s name.
Follow the link to have a go
or game pin is 04109038
Have fun from Hornsea Simmonite