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Write a letter to a local nursing home or an older relative.

Can you tell them something interesting about yourself?

Can you ask some questions to find out all about them? 

Write a set of instructions. 

These could explain how to:

  • look after a dragon
  • play a game
  •  find your way through an imaginary land
  •  make a sandwich
  •  tell the time

Don't forget to include a title, subheadings, bullet points, time words (first, next, then) and bossy verbs. 


Can you write a treasure hunt for someone in your house to follow? 

Write 10 clues for them to find. 

For example; my first clue is hidden where you have a wash, my second clue is hidden where you lay your head to sleep. 

Perhaps you could draw a winners trophy to hide with the last clue. Have fun!

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