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Week 12 29.06.20

YEAR 2    03.07.20 

Hello Year 2!

I can’t believe it has got to Friday already- where has the week gone?! I am so impressed with the work I have seen from you on water safety. It is such an important area so thank you for your work on this. We have learnt lots about water safety in our house and we have been practising the ‘float’ position too!

Today we will be focusing on keeping safe in the sun. I am sure you will have all been practising sun safety over the last few weeks. Let’s hope the sun comes back out for us again next week!


Have a look at this information and song on CBeebies about keeping safe in the sun...

Here is a sun safety video with the Minions from Despicable Me!

Finally, some more information from Newsround about keeping sun safe, with a quiz- how will you score?


Now using all this, can you choose a way of presenting sun safety information to someone else? It could be a poster, a leaflet, a video or a PowerPoint. What are the main points you need to remember to keep safe in the sun? I know how creative you are so just choose your favourite way and please share!



Please continue to fill in your tally chart with the type of weather you can see outside, at least 3 times a day over the weekend, if you can. Next week we will be making pictograms and block graphs using this information.

If you recorded the weather at the times I gave you on Wednesday, you may have noticed some cloud, drizzle and then a lot of rain!

Today, could you look at a weather app on a phone and see what the weather is forecast to be doing at different times of the day? If you click on a time on the app, it will give you more information about the weather at that time. I have put a picture of the current weather forecast for Friday below – I wonder if it will stay like that?

The times on the app will be in digital. See if you can forecast the weather at 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00 (10 o clock, 11 o clock and 12 o clock). Is the weather the same as the forecast when you look outside at those times?

Have a go at these challenges too, if you can:

Challenge 1:  What is the temperature forecast to be at those times?

Challenge 2:  Can you see what the weather will be like at 1 o clock (1pm)? How is that time shown on the weather app and why?

Challenge 3:  Can you find out what direction the wind will be blowing from the weather app? (Think back to your work on the directions of the compass).



Please practise your spellings dated 26.06.20 on the school website. They are compound words- two words joined together to make a new word. Did you spot the compound word in the Grace Darling story? She lived in a lighthouse! Try practising your spellings with the hand you do not write with today for an extra challenge.

Then complete your spelling test from the website or using the link below.




From your work on water safety and sun safety, can you create a piece of artwork of your choice? Here are some ideas:

  1. On the ‘Water Safety Wednesday’ videos, Liam gave you a challenge of creating a drawing or a model of a lifeboat.
  2. It could be that you paint or make a collage of a stormy sea, inspired by the story of Grace Darling or Benjamin Britten’s ‘Storm’.
  3. Perhaps it could be a picture or a collage of a sunburst or a sunny sky.
  4. You could make a piece of art based on the beach or the mere. Maybe you would like to visit the beach and make a piece of art on the beach!

It is up to you! I will put some inspiration at the bottom for you to look at. I look forward to seeing your creative ideas!


Say ‘hello’ to the sun with this video showing you how to do the ‘Sun Salutation’ in yoga. Maybe it will encourage the sun to come out! Namaste! (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).


If you look in the Year 2 Home Learning folder on the school website, I have added some new links to some English games and some games for Geography and Science. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you next week for some work on road safety.

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    01.07.20 

Hello Year 2!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today we will be carrying on with our water safety theme so here are your activities...


Water safety applies to all water that we go near; the sea, a swimming pool, a lake, river or pond. We have looked at water safety at the beach and today we are going to look more at water safety inland. There are many rivers and lakes inland and we are lucky enough to have a beautiful mere to visit, which we can enjoy from the water’s edge or on a boat. Below is a poster asking you to spot dangers at the river. Although the mere is a lake and not a river, many of the dangers are the same. Can you spot all 14 dangers on the picture at the river? Again the answers are at the bottom too. If you know the dangers and can avoid them, then you can have lots of fun near the water!

Water Safety Wednesday

If you looked at the RNLI Lifeboat website this week, you may have seen ‘Water Safety Wednesdays’. These fun videos, with RNLI lifeguard, Liam, take you through all the important points on the ‘Be safe, have fun’ poster- ‘Stop and think’, ‘Stay together’, ‘Float’ and ‘Call 999 or 112’. Here is a link to the page on the RNLI website. The videos were streamed live on Wednesdays during lockdown but are all still available to view along with some other downloadable resources. If you can watch all 4 videos, there is some really important water safety information on them. If you can only watch one then please have a look at the ‘Float’ video as this is a really important message for if you ever fall into water.

Now can you make an information video teaching someone else how to keep safe around water and how to float if they fall into water? Here is a link to a short water safety information video on Newsround, which may help you with some ideas for this.

I would love to see any of your information videos! Your information could one day help to save a life too...


Please continue to fill in your tally chart with the type of weather you can see outside at least 3 times a day. Next week we will be making pictograms and block graphs using this information.

Today, please could you record the weather at these times? (You do not need to write these times on your tally chart).

  1. Half past 9 or half past 10
  2. Quarter past 12 or quarter past 1
  3. Quarter to 3 or quarter to 4

Challenge:  Five to 5 or five to 6

You can record the weather at all of these times if you wish, or choose some, it is just to get you checking the clock to tell the time! I will be recording the weather at these times too so I wonder what it will be like... will it change or be the same all day?


Please practise your spellings dated 26.06.20 on the school website. They are compound words- two words joined together to make a new word. See if you can spot one of the compound words from your spellings in the topic activity today...



You may have spotted on the RNLI website a story about a famous woman, Grace Darling. She was the first woman to be awarded a medal for exceptional bravery at sea. She and her father saved the lives of 9 sailors in a storm at sea in 1838. Here is a link to a video of Grace Darling telling her remarkable story.

Can you create a picture incorporating all the words that you think describe Grace Darling? Your words could surround a drawing of Grace Darling, be in a painting of a stormy sea, or perhaps within a collage of a lighthouse. You can be as creative as you wish! How do you think she felt at the time and how has she been remembered since?


Your physical activity today is to practise your FLOAT position for as long as you can. Lie on a sofa, bed or cushions on the floor with your arms and legs stretched out and your head back, bringing your chest up and imagining you are keeping your nose and mouth out of the water. You need to stay calm, gently waving your hands and moving your legs to imagine you are keeping yourself afloat. Take some deep breaths as you are doing this. This is really important if you get into trouble in water to give your body time to get used to the cold and for you to work out what to do next. Please watch the ‘Float’ video again on the RNLI ‘Water Safety Wednesdays’ link to see ‘Spiderman’ showing how to do this!


There is a lot of information to remember about water safety, but the main points are the ones on the ‘Be safe, have fun’ poster:

‘Stop and think’  (what are the dangers- slippery water’s edge, cold water, objects in the water, waves, moving currents?)

‘Stay together’  (stay with an adult around water)

‘Float’   (if you fall into water)

‘Call 999 or 112’  (for the coastguard or emergency services)


Enjoy your day and I will be back on Friday with some ways to keep safe in the sun- hopefully the sun will be back out for us next week!

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    29.06.20 

Hello Year 2!

I hope you have had a great weekend. It has certainly been exciting with sunshine, rain, wind and thunderstorms! There will be some weather related activities in your challenges today.

As it is nearly the summer holidays, your teachers have asked me to plan some work over the next few weeks around keeping you safe. This week we are going to look at water safety. We are very lucky to live in a town with a beach and a mere- so lots of water to enjoy! But of course that means we need to know how to be safe around it. I am sure a lot of you will have been out enjoying the lovely weather, playing at the beach and in the sea, and you will already know lots about keeping safe near water. This week there will be some activities that will hopefully help you to think about this a little more and to teach you what to do if you get into trouble near the water.


Every year the older children at our school get a talk from Hornsea Inshore Rescue about how to keep safe around water. Have a look at the website links below which have information about this. There is a lot of information on these websites so it would be useful for an adult to look with you to make sure you get the right messages. The RNLI Lifeboat website has all sorts of downloadable resources with activities you could do, if you wish.

Have a look at the RNLI ‘Be safe, have fun’ poster at the bottom of this page with its 4 main messages- ‘Stop and Think’, ‘Stay Together’, ‘Float’ and ‘Call 999 or 112’. On the RNLI website there are some videos of ‘Water Safety Wednesday’ with Liam, which go through each of these messages. I will be posting one of these videos on Wednesday’s challenges.


At the bottom of the page there is a poster asking you to spot dangers at the beach. Can you spot the 14 dangers? There is also a poster with the answers on. Have you seen the two red and yellow flags on our beach in Hornsea? Do you know what they mean?

Now can you design your own poster telling children how to stay safe around water at the beach? From what you have found out, what are the main messages that you think children should remember when they go to the beach?

I look forward to seeing what you do. On Wednesday we will be thinking more about water safety near the mere.


Today we are going to think about the weather in Maths. It has certainly been changeable over the last week! I would like you to record what it is like over the next week...

Can you create a tally chart of what the weather is like at certain times in the day? You will need to create a table with the weather types: sunny, cloudy, raining and windy down the left hand side (you may need to add others such as hail or thunder and lightning if we get some!). Then around 3 times a day (suggestion: 9am, 12pm, 3pm), put a tally mark next to the type of weather you see. Sometimes there is more than one weather type at once, so you could mark both (eg. sunny and windy). There is no need to record the times, just try and look at the weather at least 3 times a day if you can so that you get enough information over the week. Don’t worry if you cannot do it every day, you could look at a weather app to see what it is going to be like at those times, or just use your memory and record it after! Next week we are going to sort this information using some other methods of data handling.

There is an example of a tally chart in a table at the bottom of the page. Here is a link to a short BBC Bitesize video showing you how to create a tally.


Please practise your spellings dated 26.06.20 on the school website. They are compound words- two words joined together to make a new word. Try to practise your spelling words in a wave pattern today to match the stormy sea which you will be looking at below...


Please look back at the phonics you have learned over this year and work on any phonics you may have struggled with. There are websites, PowerPoints, worksheets and quizzes in the Year 2 Phonics folder on the school website.



As we are thinking about storms and the sea today, have a look at this BBC Ten Pieces video ‘Storm Interlude’ from ‘Peter Grimes’. See what you can find out about the composer, Benjamin Britten. How do the instruments in the orchestra make the music sound like a storm? What do you think is happening to the storm near the end, from listening to the music?

Now, to keep with the watery theme, and to think back to our Paddington work on Peru, here is an activity if you have been collecting plastic bottles or straws over the last few weeks.

Can you take your plastic bottles and fill them with different amounts of water, then blow over the top of them and see what happens? Put them in a line like the picture shows below (you don’t have to colour your water, but you could if you have some food colouring!). You now have a set of pan pipes or pan flutes. What do you notice about the pitch of the sound when there is more water in the bottle and what happens to the pitch when there is less water in? Can you play different notes with your bottles? Can you play a simple tune like ‘Hot Cross Buns’? You will need 3 notes for this. If you have been collecting straws instead, cut the straws into different lengths and line them up to look like a set of pan pipes. Stick them together using sticky tape and blow over the top of the straws. What do you notice about the pitch when you blow into the different length straws? Can you play a tune with your pan pipes?

I would love to see any pictures or videos of you playing your instrument!


Here is a fast paced Cosmic Kids underwater yoga activity. (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Have fun!

Mrs Burton