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At Hornsea Community Primary School we are dedicated and committed to see every child in our school become a successful, lifelong reader, and consequently a writer. We value the importance of reading and writing at home, and in this section of the website, have put together some resources which we hope will be useful.

If you need any further information about reading at HCPS please contact your child’s class teacher or Mrs K Beaumont (English Co-ordinator). 

Reading Buddies

What we think!


Poppy Rhodes (Reading Mentor): I really enjoy being a Reading Mentor. In fact, I think we should do 3 days, not 2! I enjoy it because I am passionate about reading and I enjoy helping people to read. It's not just about my reading buddy reading-i get to read too.

Lillie Harvatt (Reading Mentor) - I like being a Reading Mentor because I get to read as well as my reading buddy. I like reading and helping other children. I like the certificates and stickers i get to give out too!

Chloe Norton (Reading buddy) - I like my reading mentor so much. I read to her and she reads to me. I like the stickers and certificates.

William Myers (Reading buddy) - I really wanted to find out about my Reading Mentor's book as well as reading mine so we looked at it together.