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Week 14 13.07.20

YEAR 2    17.07.20 


Hello Year 2!

Well I can’t believe it has got to the last day of term! What a strange term it has been. It has been lovely for me to get to know some of you before you start Year 3 next term. I will be looking out for your faces and it is nice that I now know lots of your names before you start Key Stage 2. Thank you for all the fantastic work I have seen. You have worked so hard this term and it has not been an easy situation in which to do this. I know your teachers will be very proud of you all. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges. I have really enjoyed getting to know Year 2!

Here are your final, fun Friday challenges- get ready to party!


This is Me!

A musical start to the day... Have a listen to ‘This is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and have a sing and a dance! (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

If you had a look at the ‘Guess Who’ quiz about your new teachers, did you guess them all correctly? I have put the Year 3 teachers’ facts at the bottom so, if you haven’t had a go already, see if you can guess who’s who now!

Now have a go at making your own ‘Guess Who’ or ‘This is Me’ quiz about yourself. Can you write a few fun facts about yourself on one piece of paper and draw a picture of yourself with your name on another piece? You could post a photograph of these for your new teachers and your current teachers to have a look at, or you could take them into your new class in September for your new teacher to get to know you. I wonder if your Year 2 teachers could identify you from your facts?! I have tagged your Year 2 and Year 3 teachers in this post, so they can all see if you post anything!

Here are my ‘This is Me’ facts:

You will normally find me upstairs in school with a lot of noise coming from my classroom! I teach all of Key Stage 2 and I love Music, French, Art and performances. Who am I?

I am sure all your present and future teachers will look forward to seeing any facts about you!



To keep us in the party mood, have a final musical practice of your times tables with Jack Hartmann! (2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x- or more if you already know these!)

(Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).



Please practise your spellings dated 10.07.20 on the school website. They are your last set of Year 2 common exception words.

Now complete your spelling test from the school website or by using the link below. Well done if you have managed to continue to practise your spellings and do the test every week- your teachers will be very pleased!!



Party Time!

Well done if you have made a piñata, time capsule and/or a party hat for today’s end of year party! If you have not already decorated and filled your piñata with sweets, here is a quick reminder of how you can do this. (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

If you collected any photos, drawings, writing or special objects from lockdown, could you now seal them up in your time capsule? You could decorate your time capsule with some pictures or words about what lockdown has meant to you. There is an example of a school year time capsule at the bottom of this page. If you didn’t papier-mâché a balloon for this, perhaps you could make a time capsule from a tube or a box over the holidays. Put this away somewhere safe so that you can look back on your memories of this time in the future...

Now it’s time to have some fun! If you made any baking for your party, get this out and have a party buffet! Play some games, including your piñata. Find somewhere safe to hang your piñata up then ask an adult to blindfold you and gently turn you around 3 times. Now try to break the piñata with an object like a stick or a wooden spoon to release the sweets! Be careful!!  

Enjoy your party!!!


The last physical challenge of the year will be to have a good dance to your favourite songs at your party- have fun!!!


If you would like another fun crafting challenge for the holidays, here is a very easy Science and Music activity from Professor Brainstorm- make a ‘laughing chicken’! We have some of these in the Music Room and the children really enjoy playing with them to learn about pitch! (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).


I would like to finish by saying a final huge WELL DONE for a brilliant term of home learning!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and I will very much look forward to seeing you all in Key Stage 2!

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    15.07.20 

Hello Year 2!

I hope you are enjoying your last week before the holidays- nearly there!!  I also hope you enjoyed seeing your Year 2 teachers this week and I know they will have been very pleased to see you!

There will be lots of creative and fun things over the next two days of challenges so keep looking and sharing with us!


Well done if you had a think on Monday about what to do if a stranger approaches you. I am sure all of you would know to walk away and tell a safe adult. We are all spending a lot more time online at the moment, so what happens if a stranger approaches you online?

Have a look at these 5 important SMART rules for online safety from the UK Safer Internet Centre. What are the 5 rules you should follow when you are online? There are also some links underneath the rules to some more resources for children, including a really good Safer Internet Quiz by Jordan and Perri from Diversity!

Can you make a poster displaying the 5 SMART rules for online safety, to put next to your computer at home?



On Monday I asked you if you could collect some ingredients for your favourite baking or dessert recipe to make for a special activity on Friday- did you guess that your Friday activity will be an end of year party?!

Today can you make your favourite recipe to have at your party? Your maths will be to measure the ingredients to make it. Have a look at this BBC Bitesize video to learn about reading scales to measure things.

Have fun making or baking your recipe!


Spellings/ Phonics

Please practise your spellings dated 10.07.20 on the school website. They are your last set of Year 2 common exception words. If you are doing any mixing for your recipe, you could practise spelling your words with the spoon in your mixture!




On Monday I also asked you to collect some materials to make a papier-mâché balloon or rainbow for a piñata and a time capsule. Today I would like it if you could papier-mâché 2 of whichever structure you have chosen for this.  Have a look at the following short video which tells you how to make papier-mâché paste, using flour and water or glue and water, and how to papier-mâché your balloon, or other structure, with newspaper. If you have used flour in your earlier recipe, you could use it again here- using flour also means you shouldn’t need as many layers of paper! (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Once you have papier-mâchéd your 2 structures, leave them to dry in a warm place if possible, so they are ready to decorate and fill on Friday. The less wet you get your paper; the less time it will take to dry! Here is a very short video showing you how you can make a piñata from a papier-mâché balloon.

Once dry, you can decorate your structures with whatever materials you like- tissue paper, paint, or anything else!

On Friday, one will need filling with sweets and attaching to something with string, so you can play your piñata game!

The other papier-mâché structure can be your lockdown time capsule. Can you collect some photos, drawings, writing or any special objects from lockdown that you could seal up in your capsule, to open and look back on at a later date? You could decorate your time capsule with some pictures or words about what lockdown has meant to you. Have a think about this while your papier-mâché dries...

If you do not wish to make papier-mâché, you could make a party hat of your choice for Friday and you could still collect some special things from lockdown to put in a box and keep to look back on.



Your teachers have asked me to include tying your shoelaces as an extra challenge for the summer holidays! Can you practise this over the holidays, ready for Year 3? It can take a lot of patience and perseverance!

Also, have a look at these two French songs which we sing in Year 3- Numbers 1-20 and Tete, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes). Have a dance and do the actions!

(Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

I would love to see if you can remember any French from these when you get to Year 3!


I hope you are looking forward to your party on Friday. There will also be a fun English challenge for you to do for your new teacher in September... Can you have a look at the ‘Guess Who’ quiz about your new teachers that Mrs Keenan put on Facebook last week? You will need to think of some fun facts about yourselves to test your new teachers.... so get thinking!

See you for the last day on Friday!

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    13.07.20 

Hello Year 2!

Well I can’t believe we have got to the last week of term already! Let’s hope we get a bit more sunshine and a bit less rain this week, and it continues like that into the summer holidays. Here is the start of your last week of home learning activities. I hope that you enjoy them!


For the last of your Year 2 safety and life skills this term, I would like you to look at ‘stranger danger’. This can mean if you meet a stranger in real life or online. On Wednesday we will be thinking a little more about online safety. Today we will think about what you should do if a stranger approaches you in real life.

Have a look at this informative 60 second video to learn more about this. (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Also, have a look at the poster at the bottom of this page about what to do in an emergency. This has some information about what to do if a stranger talks to you.                                                                                                                  

I know that some of you have read the story of Little Red Riding Hood at school this year. Have a look at this Ladybird story of Little Red Riding Hood. How do you think this story relates to ‘stranger danger’?

Now have a think about what Little Red Riding Hood should have done when she saw the Big Bad Wolf on her journey through the forest. Can you write Little Red Riding Hood a guide to what to do if she meets a stranger again?

Have a think about:

  • What to do if someone you don’t know starts talking to you
  • What to do if they ask you a question about yourself or what you are doing
  • What to do if they ask you for help or to go with them
  • What to do if they offer you something nice

What should you always do if a stranger approaches you? Remember strangers can seem nice and do not always appear like the Big Bad Wolf! You should always walk away and tell a safe adult every time.



Have a go at playing the game ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ in the garden if you can. Use the clocks you made a few weeks ago if you still have them. If not, can you draw a clock on a piece of paper or card and make some hands- a longer minute hand and a shorter hour hand? Play with some other people in your house. Stand with your back to them and make a time on your clock. They should then ask “What time is it Mr Wolf?”- You turn around and say the time you have made on your clock. Ask an adult to check your time is correct! After a few goes, surprise the other players with “Dinnertime!” and catch one of them! You could swap with another person, ask them to be Mr Wolf to make a time and then you could check it is correct.

Try to make times which include as many of these as you can:

  • O’clock
  • Half past
  • Quarter past
  • Quarter to


  • Five past/ Five to
  • Ten past/ Ten to
  • Twenty past/ Twenty to
  • Twenty five past/ Twenty five to


Spellings/ Phonics

Please practise your spellings dated 10.07.20 on the school website. They are Year 2 common exception words. There are a lot of the same spelling patterns and phonic sounds in these spellings. Can you draw some bubbles and practise your spellings, writing the ones with the same pattern in the same bubble? Are there any spellings that are on their own in a bubble? How many bubbles are there and what are the phonic/ spelling patterns?



Music/ Art

It is ‘Music Monday’ so I have another music-based activity for you today! I know that you have been practising the ‘Friendship Song’ on Charanga in your Music lessons so I have attached that to Charanga YUMU for you to practise again. Please log in using these details:

Username:  Year 2 HCPS

Password: Music

Have a listen to the song again, sing along, explore the other resources and show your family what you do in your Music lessons! If you have an instrument at home, you could have a go at the instrumental parts- can you teach another family member what to do?

Now draw a picture of you and your friends from Year 2. Perhaps you could all be doing something which you enjoyed in Year 2- what was your favourite memory? Which friends have you been missing during lockdown and who are you looking forward to seeing again in Year 3?



Staying on Charanga YUMU, have a go at the ‘Friendship Song’- ‘Flexible Games Track’. You might recognise the animals from your Music lessons! Dance along, keeping to the pulse. Have a go at the ‘Other Games’- there are 12 to choose from. Have fun playing these games with your family!


On Wednesday I will be asking you to do some baking and some papier-mâché for a special activity I have planned for you on Friday. Can you collect some ingredients to make your favourite baking or dessert recipe? Also you will need 2 balloons, some newspaper and some PVA glue or flour to make your papier-mâché, plus some sweets and string. This will be for a piñata game and a time capsule. Alternatively, if you would like to make a rainbow piñata and a rainbow time capsule, you could collect some card to make those. Have a look at the rainbow and the balloon piñatas shown below. If you would prefer not to make these, you could collect some materials to make a party hat instead!

I will be back on Wednesday to reveal more!

Mrs Burton