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Year 3

Year 3 Trip to Hornsea Mere

Today we visited the Mere to carry out our fieldwork sketches and see if we could identify both Human and Physical Geographical features around us.  

We sketched using different viewpoints and saw many different types of ducks.  There were many Human features, some of which include - dock area for the boats, signage, cafe, parking as well as many Physical features, some of which include - the Mere, Swan Island, trees.

When asked about their visit, the children gave the thumbs up and said they really enjoyed going on a trip to see what they have been learning about.  Many said they thought it was an awesome visit.  

It was a surprise to many, both children and adults, just how many exciting activities the Mere had to offer.


A huge thanks to all adults that volunteered to accompany us.  Without your support we could not take part in such activities.

Come take a look at some of our photos at the Mere

We were so lucky to have a visit from Mrs Dixon, who joined us for our English lesson.

Mrs Dixon

Maths Let's Learn Morning in 3AW

It was great to see family members join us this morning to look at what we do in Maths. 

3AW looked at Maths in Art - Fibonacci and tessellating shapes.  We also played Maths games and read Maths story books.   The children wanted to challenge adults by completing Ultimate Learn Its as well as a column from their Times Table Fluency Booklets.  I think many felt the pressure!

Parental Feedback

Let's Learn Maths was a fun way of learning.  The children obviously enjoy the challenge.  Comparing this method, to how I was taught many many years ago, this is definitely fun.


Its been great to come into class today and see Florence doing her work.  The maths exercises were surprisingly tough with the timer but great to see how it works.


Always enjoy coming into school - especially enjoyed maths morning, seeing the 'Learn Its' in action, I understand the different elements more now.  Thank you.


Fab 'Let's Learn' morning today.

Really enjoyed the maths, especially the challenge, was great fun.  Happy to be a part of more.  Thank you.





Pupil Feedback

I like the Learn its - competing with adults.  I like to move up.


I liked it because we could work together and research on computers to make our Maths poster.


I liked it because it was interesting and made me think about making maths more fun!


Maths can be fun and sometimes we don't even know we are doing it!

3AW Maths Let's Learn Morning

Tessellations - Dogs, dogs, everywhere!!!!

let's Learn Maths morning 3MS


We had a great time with our grown ups this morning.

We completed challenges, looked at tessellation and fibonacci.


Grown ups said that they really enjoyed the morning and found the challenges fun!!


In Year 3 we were very lucky to have Mrs Eldred come and carry out a Coronation Doodle session with us. It was such fun!!