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Year 3/4

Spring 2 

 Year 2 and 3 children have been making Mother's Day cards or special "thank you"cards whilst learning about the traditions of Mothering Sunday

Spring time.

They've arrived!

Eight little chicks have hatched out in a special "Living eggs" incubator in 3JC... sooo cute!

Easter Chicks

Magna is amazing!

Look at what we saw on our fantastic trip to Magna.

Hook Day

Year 3 Hook Day.


Year 3 and 4 enjoyed their Earth, Air,Water and Fire "Discoveries" Hook day. They completed one and a half days of activities which included finding out about fossils and Mary Anning, making a mini water cycle, and learning about the the elements needed to light a fire / candle or make the best and fastest windmill blade.

Our Trojan Horses Year 3

"Groovy Greeks"

Design Technology Spring 1

  Year 3 and 4 really enjoyed finding out about the Greek story of the Trojan horse and Helen of Troy. Our DT project was to design and make a moving Trojan horse using card, lolly sticks, wheels and lots of glue and sticky tape!!! It was tricky cutting out the card and threading the wheels through the frame, but we were pretty pleased with the results.

How do you look after your teeth?

Do you know how to look after your teeth?

     Tracy Burton a Dental Nurse came to give us a special talk to help Year 3 and 4 learn how to  do this. We learned how to brush teeth properly, which foods to eat to help teeth grow and foods that contain sugar and should be avoided. Tracy also gave us a some exiting Science experiments to perform in the classroom to find out how fluoride works to protect the surface of our teeth.

Groovy Greeks Hook Day

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed finding out about Greece and Greek culture on our 'Hook Day' at the beginning of term.

We all tried finding Greece on a world map,Greek writing, making masks and mosaics, followed by  a  fantastic session  of Greek dancing in the KS2 hall. 

Year 3/4 'Groovy Greeks Hook Day'