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Week 2 (08/06/20)

Play Ping Pong Indoors

You'll need: paper plates, cardboard tubes, tape, a table, divider and ping pong balls

Tape a paper plate to a handle-sized section of cardboard tube to make a ping pong paddle. Separate your dining table into 2 sections with either a wrapping paper tube or some other kind of divider and you're ready to go. Game, set, match!

 Kitchen Cupboard Orchestra

You'll need: pots, pans and wooden spoons

There's no rainy day activity like testing out the acoustics on kitchenware, so take out all your pots and pans from the cupboard and see what musical masterpiece you can create. Find out how hitting a saucepan with a wooden spoon sounds different to hitting a colander and develop your own kitchen cupboard orchestra.

Play Mini Ice Hockey

You'll need: a baking tray, water, post-it notes, spoons and a button or bottle lid

Freeze a layer of water in a baking tray to create your ice rink and stick a post-it note at either end of the tray to mark the goals. Use spoons as your hockey sticks and try to hit your button/lid puck against the post-it note on the other side of the tray.