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Healthy Break Times

Free fruit is provided daily for all EYFS & KS1 children, please note due to a severe allergy in our school community we do not provide any citrus fruits.


KS2 children can bring a piece of fruit (with the exclusion of citrus fruits) from home if they wish. 


We also encourage all children to bring fresh water or sugar-free juice each day in a re-usable plastic bottle. The children are allowed to drink during lessons without having to interrupt learning. The one exception to this is that we ask them not to take their bottles into the computer suite as a spillage could damage the equipment. We provide each child with one HCPS water bottle when they start school. Please label your child's bottle and remind them to take it home at the end of the day so that it can be cleaned and refilled. If your child requires a replacement plastic bottle, parents/carers can buy one from the school office.


Studies have found dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and can impair progress in learning. Please help to ensure your child does not become dehydrated during the day.