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Week beginning 13.07.20

Memories and Moving On Week

Please refer to website for any revision.  By the end of EYFS your child should be confident recognising all phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs within Phase 2 and Phase 3.  Buried Treasure is a free game which displays them all and it will randomly generate a number of words, both real and not real for your child to decode.

The Statutory Phonics Assessment that your child will undergo at the end of Year One, is such a decoding assessment, rather than reading for meaning.

Your child also needs to be familiar with the Tricky Words, (words in which not all the sound buttons work), in Phases 2 and 3.  There is a link to the Tricky Words Song below.  Please use throughout the next few weeks, to consolidate your child's learning.


Phase 4 Phonics does not introduce any new phonemes as such, but focuses upon practising sounds known.  This Phase allows for the practising of "adjacent consonants", (formerly called blends).  For example, sl,

st, tr.  If you look in the Phonics Folder on Year 1's Home Learning Page you will find some Phase 4 games to download.

Thank you.