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Year 2

Year 2 loved Maths Day! We built models, bridges and shapes out of different materials

Year 2 explored full, half full and empty containers in Maths and used the < and > signs

Year 2 had a brilliant Science day making their own Rube Goldberg machines!

Year 2 wore some amazing outfits for World Book Day!

Year 2 enjoyed looking for "living," "non-living" and "once alive" things in woodland world

Year 2 enjoyed finding the pulse in a song during their music lesson!

Year 2 loved using the glockenspiel and composing their own pieces Music

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Year 2 loved painting flames as part of our Great Fire of London topic!

Year 2 designed their own dream birds in JIGSAW this week

We learnt about The Great Plague, how the Plague was spread and some of the strange ways they tried to cure it. One of the symptoms of The Plague was buboes which filled with pus and grew to the size of tennis balls! We conducted an experiment with doughnuts and custard to represent this! We thought the patients would be very sad if they had these in real life!

Year 2 had some very special visitors this afternoon!

Year 2 drew the physical and human features that they could see on the field!

2CM enjoyed their World Cup prize afternoon!

This week year 2 have been learning to tell the time

Year 2 enjoyed our camp fire at Woodland World

We played the glockenspiel in our Music lesson today!

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We had fun making music in the computer suite!

We grouped numbers to divide and counted in halves!

Year 2 re-created the different events of the Great Fire of London

Year 2 were finding a third of different numbers in Maths

Year 2 are looking forward to our 'Great Fire of London' topic this half term!