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Year 2

We are reading the book The Boy Who Grew Dragons. Dragon egg making in 2LM!

Some of Year 2’s fabulous World Book Day costumes

Visit from Nikki (Tesco) to Year 2. She taught us more about fruit and vegetables and how (and where) they grow

Searching for living things, non-living things and things that were once alive.

We’ve explored things which are living, not living anymore and were never alive

Year 1 and 2 Book Club enjoyed creating our own Rainbow Fish

2KB loved their visit to The Woodland World

Constructing our own 3D shapes in Maths

2KB constructed our own 3D shapes

Comparing creation stories as part of RE

2KB have been learning about the Hindu creation story

Creating maps of London to show the spread of The Great Fire

2IB went on a shape hunt around school!

2IB learning about halving!

2KB loved creating models of each phase of The Great Fire of London

The plague arrives in 2KB!

Book Club love Mr Men and Little Miss books!

We have learnt about The Plague and talked about some of the terrible symptoms! Would you like to squeeze our putrid buboes? 

Dealing with The Plague in 2LM!

In Year 2 we created our own scenes out of cereal boxes, cellophane and Lego figures to represent the events of The Great Fire of London. Haven't we done a great job? 

The Great Fire of London in 2LM

2IB treating Plague symptoms!!

2IB treating Plague symptoms!

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