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Things that you could practise with your child daily...

  • Name writing - The majority of children should be able to write their first name by July.
  • Letter formation - The children should be having a try at using our cursive script.
  • Writing CVC words - You could say a CVC word (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g. dog, fox, bin, sun) Some children will be able to write CCVC words and also common exception words such as I, the, and, to, he, she. If this is so, then your child could write a short sentence. Encourage your child to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.


I know lots of children will be missing their weekly supply of reading books from school. Luckily, the website is offering free memberships and has a selection of ebooks for children to continue practising their reading at home! If you select Letters and Sounds Phase 2 or 3 in the 'Levels' section of the filters, that should bring up some books that your child will be able to access. Feel free to explore all of the other ebooks too!