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  • A PC or laptop - Typing skills, mouse/touch pad skills
  • A remote control car or toy
  • Ipad or tablet - Only apps that are suitable for under 6 year olds.
  • The use of the internet to navigate around suitable sites e.g.


Useful websites...

  • Twinkl are currently offering free memberships, on here you will find a vast amount of useful resources.
  • Top Marks has lots of fun early years games, we play the maths ones in school and children will be able to navigate these independently!
  • Oxford Owl has some useful resources, ideas and games to play. It also has some advice on teaching phonics.
  • Little Kingdom has some fun games and activities.
  • Phonics Play is a great website for phonics games, we use this in school regularly and they are currently offering a free membership!
  • Cbeebies always has lots of interesting videos and fun games to play.
  • YouTube Kids - Epic Phonics is a good channel to search for.
  • Teach Handwriting has a section for practising cursive handwriting.
  • BBC iplayer has all of the Numberblocks episodes which are brilliant for teaching key number concepts and also fun and engaging for the children.
  • Storyline Online is a lovely website that has some famous faces reading children's stories aloud. If you're running out of story books to read at home then this is a good place to look for new reading books to enjoy together!

Useful apps...

  • Meet the Alphablocks!
  • Meet the Numberblocks!
  • Reading Eggs - Learn to Read
  • Pocket Phonics Stories
  • Playtime Island from Cbeebies
  • Storytime from Cbeebies
  • Maths, age 3-5
  • BeeBot