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e-Safety Tips For Parents & Guardians



It is a really good idea to keep computers in a central place at home. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your child while they are online.


At school we teach the children about internet safety. You can reinforce this learning by explaining that it is very important not to arrange meetings with people they meet online, and why they shouldn’t share personal information with online strangers because they might not be who they say they are.


Use Google’s SafeSearch to keep adult content out of your child’s search results - if you’re worried about them changing the SafeSearch setting you can protect it with a password.


If your child is gaming , it is likely that they can talk to strangers online. If your child’s game console, pc or games have ‘Parent Control Settings’ it is a good idea to to use them, this enables you to monitor their usage and keep them safe.


Be aware of cyber bullies, they can make children’s lives unbearable. Explain to your child that it is important not to respond or retaliate to a cyber bully. Tell them that it is really important that they talk to you about anything that makes them uncomfortable or that they feel unsure about.


If your child is being harassed by another online player, report the problem to the provider.


If you have any concerns regarding your child and their online world please contact your child's teacher or our pastoral manager Mrs M. Semper.