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Parent's Evening Feedback

Parents/carers attend parent evening with their children. Please read some of the lovely comments we received from parent's evening.


"Thank you so much for all you do - my children are so happy at this school."


"Always happy with Hornsea Community Primary School. My son and daughters are doing so well thanks to the support and education they received/received. Thanks!"


"Great parent's evening for both my boys. I feel this is down to great staff doing a brilliant job. Thank you!"


"We were very proud of all the positive things we heard about our children. Thank you for making school a wonderful place for them to learn and develop."smiley


"Very pleased with the positivity and encouragement given."smiley


"Thanks for doing such a great job!"


"A wonderful, positive and enthusiastic teacher, perfect for our daughter's final year! We are very encouraged by everything we have heard."


"Super parent's evening!" Thanks to our child's fabulous teacher for all her hard work!"


We are really happy and proud of our daughter's achievements this term so far. It was nice that she was asked if she was happy and ok with things as she can be quite shy within a group of people. She seems to have benefited from the 'same day intervention' in the Lighthouse Room."


"Our daughter continues to make brilliant progress at school! Teaching staff are supportive and any issues are discussed and dealt with. She loves her teacher and enjoys attending school. Thank you!"


"It was a very positive parent's evening. My son has made so much progress in his new year and seems to be enjoying this year. His teacher is working close with me and giving me regular feedback on his progress."



"I am really pleased with the progress my son is making. I am sure that with all the provisions already in place, he will thrive and show promise for his future."


"I like my teachers."heart