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30. 04. 20

Thursday Thinkers (30.04.20)

Today’s extra challenge is . . . ‘Pebble People Family’

Step 1. Draw your family (make sure you draw full bodies)

Step 2. Colour them in (think about what they usually wear)

Step 3. Count how many bodies and how many heads you’ve drawn.

Step 4. Collect enough medium pebbles/stones for the bodies - and enough small pebbles/stones for the heads. (from your garden or the beach - Shhhh 🤫)

Step 5. Clean the pebbles and stones in the sink with some hot soapy water

Step 6. Once the stones have dried paint them carefully referring to your drawing for colours. The smaller ones are the heads (leave the details for later)

Step 7. Once the paint has dried add the detail using a black pen or sharpie

Step 8. You have your pebble family!