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Parent and carer feedback - Phonics workshop


We received 18 responses from this event. Below are just a few of them...



"The phonics workshop was very informative. It helped me to understand a bit more about what I need to do to help my child with phonics."


"I found the session very helpful."


"Very informative. Willing teachers were there to explain what it's about."


"Very useful. It made me more aware of what we need to be doing at home and why. Thank you."


" I really appreciated that this workshop took place. I needed more information so found the workshop very helpful. Thank you."


" Very useful to know the details of the screening and activities to help. Helpful information session so thank you."


"Useful and informative session. Thank you for the handouts and practical tools for helping to support my child at home. May be useful to have this earlier in the school year to help with blending at home. Thank you."


" Clear explanations of how to help with phonics learning. Very helpful and I will be using information from the group to put into teaching my child at home."