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What our parents say about Maths

What our parents think of Maths at Hornsea Community Primary school


"We have really enjoyed seeing our daughter work in her classroom. She seems to really enjoy Maths which quite surprised me!"


"This was a great session to gain an insight into what my child does in maths. It has given me better knowledge in how I can help at home."


"It's clear to see that all the children enjoy doing the activities whilst learning."


"What a wonderful insight into the activities my child participates in the subject of Mathematics. A super opportunity to be part of my child's learning. Inspiring teacher who makes learning fun. A lovely morning!"


"A fantastic range of learning activities, all fun and engaging for different skill levels. I love it that learning is fun and it helps them stay involved. I'm hoping that we can now recreate some of these activities at home."


"Great fun! Loads of happy faces! Keep making them smile and you're half way there!"


"Great insight into the way Maths is taught - very informative."


"I have children in 3 classes and I saw the same in each class I visited - all the children were really enjoying their Maths and loved showing us what they could do. It was really good to see how the children love doing Maths."

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