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Week 1 23.03.20

DAY 5:


Good morning Year 2! I hope you are all okay and are managing to enjoy some of this great weather we are having! I have another set of challenges for you from me, Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Midgley! We are all loving the work we have seen on the Facebook page so keep showig us what you've been up to!



We are living in a very important part of history right now and in the future I’m sure everyone will think back and remember this. It would be great if you could start to write a diary about what you’ve been doing and how you're feeling during the day. You don’t need to fill this in every day but it might be nice to add to it a couple of times a week.

In 2040 when you’re all 27 you might look back and read about what you did when we were all superheroes fighting this virus!


Phonics and Spellings:

Can you get your parents to give you a spelling test like we normally do on a Friday. See how many you can get right!



Practice using money!

If you can use real coins to add up some amounts of money or work out change then have a go! Set up a shop in your room or outside and test your parents!

If you can’t do that have a look at some of these interactive games.



The units of music we have looked at so far this year are African, rock and reggae. The next unit we were going to look at links to friendships.

Your first music challenge is to listen to ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ from Toy Story and ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars. Can you list all the instruments you can hear in both – remember that voices are instruments too! And can you clap the pulse to both songs?



Good luck and have a wonderful day!



DAY 4:

Good Morning Year Two! Mrs Burton, Mrs Midgley and I have loved seeing all of your wonderful work at home so far. Please reply to this post with any photos or comments from today. We can't wait to see how you get on. Here are your latest set of challenges:




Have a ‘phonics disco’. Write words containing this week’s sounds (ar, ou/ow, er) on different pieces of paper and place them around the room. Play some music and have a grown up stop the music every now and then. When the music stops, read the word you are nearest to. Make sure you help your grown up tidy up afterwards and recycle the paper.




Watch the BBC Super Movers video about syllables and join in with the actions on

Play the interactive syllables game on

Who has the most syllables in their name in your family? Who has the least? Don’t forget your pets!




Can you practice your measuring skills? Use a ruler to see if you can find an object in your house which is 10cm long? 20cm long? 30cm long?

Can you carefully draw some lines of different lengths and challenge a grown up to measure them. Can they do the same for you?




Create an obstacle course in your house or garden. Try to include something to climb over, climb under, jump off, throw, dodge and a turn. We would love to see some photos of these.



Have fun!



DAY 3:


Hello Year 2! Here are some further challenges to keep you busy....should you choose to accept! 💪 ⭐️


English- Can you write a description of the alien character in the photo below? Think about looks, personality, likes and dislikes, etc. Use your imagination!


Maths- In class, the children complete their ‘Learn Its’ sheet each week. In Year 2, we see how many questions we can answer on the sheet in only one minute! Following the link below, see if you can spot your child’s current level/steps- they may be able to tell you the level they have been working on in class (or simply choose a sheet and have a go if they’ve forgotten! It doesn’t matter!) How many can you complete in one minute? Can you answer the remaining questions at your own pace? These are displayed as a PDF and could be printed, or simply copy out the questions.…/Learn-Its-Challe…

(Or see also the year 2 section of our school website)

Phonics/spelling- Please continue to practice this week’s spellings.

Can you write us a list of 10 ‘real’ and 10 ‘nonsense’ words containing the sound ‘er’? For instance, ‘ladder’ and ‘fiffer’!


Physical- Choreograph a dance to your favourite song!

Or, leading on from our work on World Down Syndrome day, share with your family any Makaton signing you have learnt, or investigate Makaton signing to your favourite songs. See here for example Katy Perry’s Roar video with Makaton signing on YouTube. (Use YouTube only with an adult).


Well done everyone so far


DAY 2:


Good morning Year 2! 2KB, 2IB and 2LM. Here are some more challenges for you to have a go at! Please check out the school website for other activities and helpful links!



Watch the video of the Cat in the Hat (or read the book if you have it!)

Write down as many of the rhyming words as you can hear.

and then either:

Write a prequel to the story that explains where the Cat in the Hat came from.


Write a sequel to this story. What does the Cat in the Hat do next?


Phonics and Spellings

1) Practice this week’s spellings which are saved on our webpage.


2) Draw a picture with as many things that have the ‘ow’ or ‘ou’ sound in it.(Show us these on Facebook if you like!)



1) Play one of the Kahoot quizzes on the school’s website.


2) List all the number bonds to 10 and 20.


3) My answer is 25, what could my question be?



1) Join in with the Jo Wicks PE lesson on YouTube at 9 o’clock


2) How many star jumps can you do in 2 minutes?


3) Have a go at the Old Town Road JustDance! (Or any other JustDance routines you like)





Hello Year 2! 2KB, 2IB and 2LM. Here are your first challenges. Please check out the school website for other activities and helpful links!


English- Watch one of the clips on The Literacy Shed ( ) Write the beginning of the story and see if your grown up can finish it!


Phonics and Spellings- Practice this week’s spellings which are saved on our webpage.

Can you find 10 things in your house which include the sound ‘ar’? Post these on the Facebook page if you can.


Maths- Log on to Times Table Rockstars and try it out.

Try to find 5 things which are symmetrical in your house.


Physical- See photo below.


Hope you have a wonderful day! From Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Midgley and Mrs Burton.