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Year 4

Autumn 1 Year 4 

      Year 4 have really enjoyed finding out about the continent and culture of North America; we have mapped out major rivers and mountain ranges such as the Rockies and discovered that the Denali in the highest mountain in North America. We have read and written about the Brer Rabbit tales, learned how to dance a Native American "Pow Wow" dance in PE after reading "The Jingle Dancer" by Cynthia Leitish Smith.We have finished the term by drawing Jingle dancers and making Totem poles.

Year 4 Exploring North America

4SB loved dancing in the rain....!!

4SB Dancing in the rain...!

Year 4 have been finding out about The Science of food this term. They have been baking, learning how to make butter, and watching how an egg changes when cooked by making delicious meringues.

The Science of Food

4SB Reading Buddies

4SB are enjoying being Reading Buddies with Mrs Fosters's Reception class