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Morning group: Winter, Toys, Safer Internet Day and Children's Mental Health Week

This half term we have read some Winter stories and talked about what our environment is like during Winter and how we should dress. We even managed to be lucky enough to have some snow to play in during this topic!

We also enjoyed learning all about toys, talking about what our toys are like and what toys used to be like in the past. We played role play toy shops, wrote about what we would buy if we went to a toy shop and even had some visitors to talk to us about what their toys were like when they were younger.

In the last week before half term, we focused on Children's Mental Health week, exploring how we all experience different feelings and we also talked about how to use the internet safely.

Afternoon group: Living our Lives

This half term our topic has focused on completing day to day tasks as part of our everyday lives. We have learned about visiting appointments such as going to the doctor's surgery, the dentist and the optician, role playing these situations and talking about what we will need to do and say. We learned about the importance of keeping our homes clean and tidy, practising using a vacuum cleaner, washing, drying and putting away dishes, wiping kitchen work tops, sorting toys and cleaning bathroom sinks. We also learned how to make a shopping list and thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the shops to buy what we needed, each taking a purse with our money in to pay for out items.

We also learned about using the internet safely, focusing on how we always ask an adult before using a device and how we should always 'Stop, close and tell' an adult if we see something we don't like or didn't expect.