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Year 3/4 Summer Term

Well well well! It has been an incredibly busy two weeks in years three and four. We had Quad Kids come in and deliver some exciting competitive sports to our children. Hopefully, our children did well enough to compete in the final, this should be announced soon. 

Also, we had our 'Creative Arts' week. I have updated the page with the pictures from my own group. Lots more pictures to come on soon. The children were very busy creating all sorts of exciting artwork. 


Finally, we were lucky enough to be visited by a real Roman soldier. He was called Sergio (AKA Carl). The children learnt all about the Roman army and their equipment. Before taking part in a recreation of an historical battle involving Boudicca and The Romans. The children also got to play the part of a real life gladiator and try to impress the emperor (me) or face DEATH! It was a great learning opportunity and the children learnt a lot. No doubt the children have told you about the stick and the sponge! 

We have only just begun this half term and it shows no signs of slowing down. 


Thanks Mr White

Roman Workshop for year 3 and 4

Mr White's creative context group

Quad Kids - sports afternoon